Welcome to ieCrowd

What We Do
ieCrowd turns breakthrough life and health discoveries into solutions to global challenges. We work with research universities to source and acquire promising discoveries to transform into market-ready solutions. Our growing network of market partners is positioned to launch future products to market. The crowd connects us to innovations, expertise and resources. Together we create social and economic impact for good.
Our Vision
From the beginning, our vision has been to build a platform that enables anyone anywhere to participate in helping us find, fund, and commercialize breakthrough life and health discoveries. We believe our new system for transforming innovations into market-ready solutions will create personal, economic and social impact. It will be a high-growth venture that we believe will attract the enthusiasm and engagement of people around the world.
Our Story
The vision for ieCrowd was first sketched on a whiteboard in 2009. Brilliant discoveries were stuck in the lab yet life and health solutions were needed more than ever. We knew we could bridge this gap. We had the experience, expertise and relationships to build a new model to bring these innovations out of universities, transform them into market-ready solutions and connect them with markets around the globe through a network of partners.
Our Team
We're a team of passionate entrepreneurs, scientists, public health experts and business leaders seeking to solve the world's biggest life and health challenges. We are creating innovative solutions with the power of the crowd, incredible partners, and a world-class team. A commitment to collaboration and partnership amplifies our capabilities and impact by leveraging the ideas, resources and capabilities of our partners.
Our Solutions
Each of ieCrowd’s Solutions - from mosquito-fighting technologies, to nano-sensors being developed to detect diseases and harmful chemicals - represent ieCrowd’s powerful new system for identifying and commercializing breakthrough scientific discoveries in Life and Health Technologies for global markets... and for global good.


Join ieCrowd's ecosystem of innovators, universities, entrepreneurs and market partners changing how discoveries are transformed into market solutions. 

If you have a groundbreaking innovation addressing a global challenge we'd like to hear about it. We work with universities and innovators around the world.

Spread the word by telling your friends, family and professional networks about ieCrowd. Working together we can create social and economic impact for good.

Join our team of entrepreneurs, scientists, and business leaders all passionate about working together to solve some of the world's biggest challenges.

ieCrowd Capital Partners

Our capital partners provide resources to accelerate our growth.

Our Company

We work with top-tier research universities to identify promising discoveries which are developed and led to market by a team...

Our Solutions

ieCrowd's Solutions come from a highly-integrated and specialized system for commercializing scientific discoveries...

Our Partners

ieCrowd works with a wide cross-section of collaborative partners to implement its mission and to incorporate a wide range...

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Using the power of the crowd to develop technologies that will change lives globally.

Olfactor Laboratories

Defining, designing, and developing innovative products to significantly reduce diseases spread by insects around the world.

Breathing Technologies

Coming soon: Oxygen delivery device for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Nano Engineered Applications

Developing reliable, accurate and affordable sensors that will save lives.